The body

Is it possible to describe the body in one word?

What would you think if I say that the body is a facilitator?
It literally gives us the space and the opportunity to experience this experience in a physical form. We can never be conscious about the chemical processes and infinite cell renewals, blood trims, assimilations, or muscle contractions of the body. This all happens automatically. The body does not need us, as consciousness. We need the bodily shell in order to ensure the force of gravity. In such a way that it hosts consciousness making an earthly experience.

So, if you understand that we are consciousness ‘inhabiting’ a body, then you can probably imagine that it is logical that you take good care of it. Because the body has a “fixed” form, it allows you to experience it’s spaciousness, capabilities and limitations. These are not clearly defined frameworks. The body is always, at any moment, on the move and is continuously changing.

It is influenced by our environment, through nutrition, thoughts, exercise, emotions, inspiration, fear, relationships, work, passions etc.