Discover the world that opens up, when you start to trust and open yourself

Whenever you start to trust yourself, you will discover a whole world.

And you will be amazed about what happens then!

When I say: open to yourself, I mean the openness and vulnerability that you experience inside. Where you finally may feel at ease with. Because when you open up, your inner world will start to flow and shine.

That is what they mean when is being said: ‘Be the change you like to see in the world’

It’s the practical mystery.

Closing yourself from your feelings, not trusting your inner world, and keep pointing to others won’t bring you closer to your desire to being yourself. But going inside, feeling, listening and not knowing what to do will bring you home.

It’s this vulnerability that is your strength.

When you are trusting your inner world and you just know that whatever you feel is true, an unshakable relationship is born. No one will be able to disrupt this relation because it’s the base from which you live. But sometimes you are more concerned with the relations and the world around you. And then you forget that there is nothing to be found in this world. Because everything is here and everything you do is unconditionally loved.

The video above is in Dutch, but you can put the translation on.