It’s energy that makes the craziest things appear

Energy works for you, whether you believe in it or not

What is energy? Read it in my blog about Prana and life energy.

Look at this picture above. I made this picture from the bark of a huge old tree in Portugal. The bark was bare. What I found were very special patterns. How they became like this I don’t know, I am not a Biologist. But it appears like a refined and sculptured jewel.

Energy in movement

That’s what is happening with you too. Not with you, but with the body that is carrying you and the spirit that speaks from it.

It is impossible to see this with your eyes. But you can sense it. When you observe what is happening energetically with your body. When ever you eat things, or you are in a certain place or company. Energy is surrounding you, and you radiate it.


It is incredible how our world is set up. Because everything that has authority in this world is the solid form. Matter and secular certainties. While we tend to forget or are unable to see that all is perishable. That our body, just as this beautiful tree bark will perish. We are here only temporarily, and often too short to realize what mystery this life is.

Even when you are not always appearing the beauty that you are…

It doesn’t say anything about the unique qualities that are being expressed through you.

Luckily there are more and more people that worry less and less about what others think. They share their strange and beautiful idea’s and forms with us.

That is really great! Because of this authentic expressions we can remember our own authenticity. And see, feel and recognize that this is where our connection lies.