Holy marriage

What are you overlooking?

Whatever you are attracting is you. The part that you desire, the part that is being worshiped.

The other is next to you, above you, or below you. But ultimately there is nobody else.


There is the reflection of expressed divinity. Translated in a body, which is being perceived as something outside of the person. The self thinks it is separate, and identifies on a personal level when being in a relationship.

And we can call this a relationship, a marriage. But it is only the dynamics of coming and going of patterns that are not going anywhere. They are only being interpreted from the partner view. Which are being confirmed by the other partner who is looking exactly for the same thing in you.

The longing for this is being looked for in the outer world. By looking into the eyes of a partner to a home that is always here.

The duality of all things

But what is truly longed for is the home that is appearing in all the eyes, all the sounds, in all the leaves that float trough the air, that is present in all pain, anger and frustration.

The only possible and true marriage, that is for ever, that doesn’t start, nor can it ever end is the marriage of duality of all things, people, and appearances.

Because this marriage is not a marriage, it is the loss of marriage. The desire to be fulfilled is falling away in everything and in everyone, everywhere. The emptiness of everything and nothing simultaneously. It swims in sad children’s eyes, it frolics with the woolly lambs in the meadow, and it strokes the downhearted looks of abashment.

The ring of oneness

There is nothing else than this marriage. It’s the only, the infinite, the fulfilled and never leaving oneness. You can not separate from this marriage, nor can you enter into it. It is the white page in the book that is enclosing everything. Where everything is being written and being expressed.

Emotions, knowledge, desires, inabilities, fear, mystery, stories, wonder. Everything is being comprised by the only, unconditionally Love.

It’s here.

The universal marriage.