Today’s big challenge is…

Every day we are confronted with challenges

What can I achieve today?
How do I get through this day?
Will I finally get somewhere in my relationship?
What shall we eat again today?
Where does this (my life) go?

This and many more of these questions come up in nearly everyone’s mind every day.

And this is not strange at all. Since we find it usually quite difficult to see where we are. Are we unable to feel what we feel, which makes that we don’t know what to eat.

And I’m referring to humans, not the tiny insects for instance that are crawling our earth and dirt. Small creatures that aren’t able to see as far (as humans do), but still they find themselves where they are, they do what they do and they eat what they know…

The only thing that is in your way are the thoughts about everything that needs to be different as it is.

Being unable to see or feel what is really here makes you usually suffer longer than when you respond and act from what you experience in the moment you are. Because when you are elsewhere (with your thoughts) this is what makes your questions keep on coming. While your hands have already been doing loads of stuff, your body felt everything that can be felt, thoughts have come and gone and your life is what is happening now.

This simple.