An energetic shift or transition and how to deal with it



It can happen all of a sudden or gradually.

Not everybody notices it right away. But energetic shifts are happening actually all the time. And in this moment there seem to be a lot of people where it happens.

What is a transition or a shift?

When you are experiencing a transition you are starting to see through what you thought you always were. This may be appearing as a natural rejection of your norms and values, as they don’t seem to fit you anymore. You are experiencing more and more oneness. With people, animals, alone, and in nature. This feeling is actually a recognition of what is always here. This can be quite an intens sensation of deep love and unity. Of understanding the true nature of everything. It can be very beautiful, light and spiritual. But it can also be very disorienting towards your present lifestyle. Which can make you feel lost and depressed.

Because what is left of  “your” truth? 

Patterns, assumptions and expectations are dropping away. And what will be left? Sometimes this can be frightening and some kind of reflex appears. As if the old could still fit… But this is not possible anymore. Once the seeing through has started there is no way back.

What happens when this doesn’t fit anymore?

You can experience some kind of vacuum where the feelings that come and go are most intense. It can be like a strong sensation in your body, but especially energetically. You are experiencing and feeling more and more what always has been. Which is the unity of our existence. In a way you are starting to look through the veil of this dream. But you can not yet see what is really here. It can be best described as intens  sensations and observations than that the eyes really see something new.

Your body is your vehicle, your guide. It is empty and receptive for what is happening. It is your mind that is being deceived. Because it always functions from control. Knowing what it’s up to and where it’s going. So that your life can be organized and manageable.

From here it can feel very unstable. For the mind it is very hard to do what it is always doing from this point. Keeping control. Because it can’t keep control over something that never was. It’s like the football game where it is offside and can’t play the game as it used to.

And what will you do then?

There is not one way to deal with this. Everybody is different and has other energetic, emotional and physical patterns. But what happens mostly is that your energy and focus just keep going inside. It’s like every sensation is being reflected inward. And instead of defending what you feel or experience, it is retained by letting this. There is nothing that needs to be done. No one is experiencing and feeling as you do. It is not about accepting or changing what happens. Only the happening is happening.

A shift


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